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Serves approximately 1,300 Residential accounts and 180 Businesses, Industries, and Public Authorities within the village. 
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Our 2019 Consumer Confidence Report can be found here.

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The Village of Pulaski's water comes from 2 Wells. One Well is 330 feet in depth and the other Well is 708 feet in depth. Groundwater by its nature will contain dissolved minerals, including naturally occurring iron and/or manganese.  These minerals settle out of the water and accumulate as sediment in the water mains running under Village of Pulaski streets. The Village of Pulaski flushes hydrants every spring and fall for maintenance. These dates will be posted in advance on the Village of Pulaski website.  The Village of Pulaski Public Works and Utilities flush the mains through fire hydrants to remove this accumulated sediment, and that action or any other disturbances such as fire suppression, a water main break, contractor work, hydrant maintenance or any type of high water demand can stir up sediment resulting in discolored water.  If your water becomes discolored, run a cold water tap at full force until the water clears.  Usually it will clear in a few minutes.  If it doesn’t, please call the Public Works Department at 920-822-8618, or and click on contact us

April 1, 2019


The Pulaski Water Department will be offering a new service option when paying your quarterly utility bill. The water department will be able to receive payment using automated payments from your bank. Upon the due date of your bill, an automated payment will be charged to your bank account for the full amount of your water and sewer bill.


Please note - if funds are not available on the due date when the draw is made an insufficient funds charge of $35.00 will be charged to your account.


If you would like to sign up for the automated payments please fill out the form below, attached as a PDF, giving your banking information and approval to withdraw the funds. Please use a form for each individual account.


If you choose to use this service the automated payments will begin with the second quarter billing in July 2019. The first quarter bill will not be automatically paid - you must still pay this bill by check, cash, debit or credit card.


If you have any questions regarding this letter or the process of automated payments, please feel free to contact me at 920-822-4851.


Thank you,

Jodi Przybylski

Village of Pulaski, Treasurer

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