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New Village Hall

Our New Village Hall Offices are located at 585 E.Glenbrook Drive in Pulaski, WI. The Police Department remains located at 421 S. St. Augustine Street in Pulaski, WI. Future plans include moving the Police Department to 585 E. Glenbrook Drive as well as listing the 421 S. St. Augustine Street location for sale.


The New Village Hall Contact Information is:


585 E. Glenbrook Drive
  Pulaski, WI 54162

Phone: (920) 822-5182
Fax: (920) 822- 5632


Below is a satellite view of the New Village Hall and Municipal Offices.


Need Directions? Check out the interactive map below to see where we are located and how to get here!

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Previous New Village Hall Designs

The designs and information below were the previous designs and proposals for the New Village Hall. The actual New Village Hall is different than the proposed designs below.

Schematic Design Proposed New Village Hall, Municipal Court & Police Department from Martenson & Eisele, Inc. March 14th, 2011.

3/14/2011 New Hall Schematic Presentation Design

Below are the updated plans for the new village hall design. There are three views available. The first view is the floor plan of the building. The second has two different views of the outside of the building and thirdly is the site plan which gives you a look from overhead. Click on the links below to view...

New Village Hall Floor Plans

New Village Hall Elevations

New Village Hall Site Plan

Update 2/10/2011: The Village Board and New Hall Building Committee held a joint working meeting with our architect firm on Wednesday night 2/9/11. Everyone involved is relatively confident that we have a very workable schematic for a facilities layout. The approximately 12,025 square foot layout provides for the present and just as important for future growth in the Village.

- 2/09/2011 : Joint Meeting - COW - Village Hall Bldg Comm Minutes

The Village Board met Tuesday evening January 25, 2011 for a Committee of the Whole meeting.  The Village Board assessed the comments that were made at the informational meeting and discussed the current Village Hall needs.   The Board evaluated the options proposed and agreed unanimously to move forward with the intent on building a new hall building in the downtown site with construction starting in early summer.  Read More

- View Village Hall Project Slideshow